Maltoff CocktaiL Party on the White House Lawn ( a Poem)

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Here is a Poem I wrote some time ago the Wednesday after the elction...I have performed the poem at open mics in DC several times and have gotten good responses..I may go into a studio and record it on one of my friends album.....

The cards are on the Table and their guns are already drawn..
I'm throwing a Maltoff cocktail Party on the white house lawn...

The Secret sevice may unleash 10,000 slugs in my chest and I will be gone...
I'm still throwing a maltoff cocktail party on the whitehouse lawn...

America you had a chance to make a change...they claim a weakness as being strong..
Well that time is gone...
You are coordially ivited to that Maltoff cocktail party on the White House Lawn.....

Everyone up in here, I'm having a maltoff cocktail party on the whitehouse lawn...

Is you with me?

don't be affraid

admission is free, It's complimentary...

You dues have already been paid
That song has already been played
And the lies...well ...they have already been conveyed

So Now it's time to Demand the TRUTH!!!!

This is the last time we allow such a grand Con....

So in true form of celbration...I'm throwing a maltoff cocktail party right there on the White House Rose Garden Lawn

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